Class & Speciality Teachers

 The Waldorf Approach

Teachers cultivate the academic, emotional, and social potential of every student and also focus in doing practical activities to engage and deepen learning which develops children’s will and resiliency. Teachers create a supportive learning environment where students are accountable for their own work and the contribution they make to the group. In grades one to eight, ensuring a broad and balanced education requires the collaboration of many class teachers, subject teachers, support staff and specialists, as well as parental guidance.

The class teacher is the child’s primary educator and mentor, and ideally remains with the students all the way from grade one to grade eight. In this way, a deep relationship between teacher and child can develop, based on trust, respect and understanding and where each child’s individual needs are recognized. Although this is ideal, there is also flexibility given to teacher preference and administrative needs.

The class teacher begins each day with a two-hour main lesson where the students focus on a core academic topic such as science, mathematics, language arts, or history. Each particular main lesson topic is explored intensely for a 3-4 week “block” or “unit” during which students approach the subject from a range of academic, arts-integration, and hands-on learning activities


After the main lesson, subject teachers instruct the students in specialist classes such as foreign language, handwork, music, eurythmy, movement, gardening, and visual arts. Whenever possible, subject teachers align their work with the content and rhythm of the main lesson. These subjects follow their own arc of development throughout the grades, again in relation to the growing needs and capacities of the student.

All grades study Spanish in a developmental way according to what grade level the child is in. Class plays are also performed in each grade second thru eighth grade. Handwork projects are implemented in all grades.