Hiring Teachers!

We are a new public Waldorf charter school on the border of Saratoga Springs and Lehi and are members of the Alliance for Public Waldorf Education.  We offer a whole child education model with a focus on 21st Century Learning which includes Creativity, Critical Thinking, Collaboration, Communication. We build capacities in a child's academic, social/emotional life, and will which is often called, "thinking, feeling, doing" or "head, heart, and hands."  We value arts-integration, experiential learning, and nature! We  provide Waldorf Teacher Training to our teachers.

Please email hello@mountainsunriseacademy.org with a cover letter, resume, and short bio.

Teacher Requirements:

MSA will follow applicable USBE standards. All MSA teachers will have a bachelor level degree at an approved higher education institution and will hold an appropriate license with areas of concentration and endorsements as approved by the USBE (See R277-510, R277-520 and R277-524) such as an AEL or PEL.

Classroom Teacher Responsibilities/Qualifications:

● Be able to demonstrate an understanding of and commitment to the mission, pedagogy and methods of Waldorf education with an ability to demonstrate knowledge of and proficiency in the integration of arts, movement, and project-based learning into the classroom.

● Demonstrate a real concern for the children to be taught and have good communication skills not only to help relay information in the classroom but also to effectively communicate with other members of MSA as well as parents.

● Be aware of the needs of the students and be able to structure instruction based on those needs.

● Be proficient in formative and summative assessments.

● Teachers should have a bachelor’s degree and have a license to teach as approved by the USBE.

● Waldorf experience is highly recommended such as a certificate in Waldorf education or experience as a Waldorf teacher. If these are not present then the teacher should have a commitment and dedication to receive professional Waldorf teacher training, to develop skills and capacities.

● The Waldorf teacher sets the tone and direction of the class at the beginning of each day by greeting each child individually and instructing the class with the extended main lesson in the mornings.

● Teachers should always strive for excellence and as such will seek out continual learning and be involved in self-development. A teacher’s inner character and disposition are important in Waldorf Education and hired teachers should have the desire to develop and maintain a high moral sense of self and continually strive to improve. Trainings and activities that work towards this end are part of the teacher’s work.


We offer competitive pay, 401(K), paid time off, life and health insurance benefits for full-time employment.

Part-Time Kindergarten Teacher


Mountain Sunrise Academy is a Waldorf-inspired Charter school in Utah County. We are located on the border of Saratoga Springs and Lehi, on the banks of beautiful Utah lake, surrounded by the majestic Wasatch Mountain range. We are seeking a part time kindergarten teacher to bring the magic and wonder of the world to our youngest learners. 


Early Childhood teachers at Mountain Sunrise Academy work on behalf of the entire school as they often establish the initial relationship a family has with the school. MSA teachers are expected to create and maintain a professional program true to the ideals of Waldorf pedagogy. 

We are seeking candidates who are innovative, creative and flexible and ready to join us wholeheartedly in continuing to develop a unique Waldorf-based educational environment. Our ideal candidate will strive for excellence in teaching and be committed to dialogue with parents and colleagues. 

Teacher Responsibilities:

The Kindergarten Teacher should have a passion for Waldorf education, and the personal development and self-reflection to be able to work well in a collegial setting.

Care for the physical and emotional well-being of the children.

Work with individual children who need guidance.

Be aware of creative play of children, redirect and inspire them as necessary.

Participate in domestic activities joyously.

Care for the physical environment which includes maintaining a beautiful classroom that is clean and orderly.

Develop and foster parent relationships.

Facilitate daily/weekly rhythms and provide a Safe and Healthy Classroom Environment.

Teacher Requirements:

Bachelor’s degree in education or related field

Utah License in Elementary or Early Childhood

Waldorf training preferred

Good communication 

Calm, gentle manner 

Works cooperatively with groups (and individuals)

Musical ability, especially singing or a willingness to learn

Manage small groups of children independently