Agendas and minutes for Charter Council Board of Trustees meetings are posted on the Utah Public Notice website, below. 

MSA Charter Council meetings are being held on the 3rd Tuesday of every month at 12:30 pm. Public welcome!

For requests for MSA Charter Council audio recordings, budget reports, minutes, or agendas, please email hello@mountainsunriseacademy.org or call 801-882-2525. Requests will be completed within 5 business days.

For more information regarding educator licensing in Utah please visit the the Utah State Board of Education website. In order to view the license of any educator in Utah go to the Utah Educator License Look-up.

Teacher Licensing Information

Mountain Sunrise Academy employs teachers with Professional, Associate and LEA-Specific Educator Licenses as permitted by the Utah State Board of Education.

Professional Educator License – Individuals who follow the traditional route of licensure by attending an educator preparation program (through a university or other licensing jurisdiction) and receiving a bachelor’s degree or higher, are issued a Professional Educator License through the USBE. Professional Educator Licenses are valid for five years.

Associate Educator License – Individuals who have a bachelor’s degree or higher, or who are enrolled in an educator preparation program that will result in a bachelor’s degree or higher, or who have a skill certification in a specific CTE area as established by the USBE, may be issued an Associate Educator License upon satisfaction of USBE requirements. An Associate Educator License is valid for two years with a possible one-year extension.

LEA-Specific Educator License – An individual who does not meet the criteria for a Professional or Associate Educator License but meets the criteria set forth in the Mountain Sunrise Academy LEA-Specific Licensing policy may be issued an LEA-Specific Educator License, license area, or endorsement. An LEA-Specific license, license area, or endorsement is valid only within the Mountain Sunrise Academy LEA. An LEA-Specific License is valid for one, two, or three years based on the LEA approval. A license renewal requires USBE approval.

During the 2021-2022 educational year 43% of Mountain Sunrise Academy educators are employed under a Professional Educator License, 36% are on an LEA-Specific Educator License, and 21% are in an Associate Program to become Professionally Licensed.  Each teacher is working towards an Associate level minimum.

MSA LEA-specific License Policy

LEA-specific License Details

Indicate a Transfer of Records between schools.

By the end of the 2020-21 school year, students in all grades, K-6, will have an increase in access to fine arts lessons and materials. Students will use a variety of art-making tools through experimentation, build skills in various media and approaches to art-making. 


Students will prove mastery and participation through portfolios (containing their artwork, handwork, and descriptions and pictures of projects), parent and student feedback, and culminating events such as festivals and finished projects.

This is the Action Plan Steps identified in the plan to reach the goal.

1. Teaching assistants will be hired for handwork and gardening classes.  2. Additional materials and supplies will be purchased to increase and enhance fine arts including beeswax crayons, watercolor paper, colored pencils, modeling supplies, wool, cross stich material, cloth, needles, etc.  3. Students will have the opportunity to participate in after school fine arts enrichment programs at various times during the year.  4. Students will participate in the planning, creating, and building of gardens, structures and various projects.  5. Students will experiment and develop skills in multiple art-making techniques and approaches through practice.

6. #6 measurement was modified that we took pictures of student work in the hallways and shared art displays or completed art projects in the school newsletter and these were viewed by parents walking in the halls.  Many pieces were also featured in our yearbook.  Student art was displayed during our festivals and school events for parents to view.