Movement has always been a means through which students learn. In recent years,  educators have recognized that it is integral to children’s learning  experience. 

Eurythmy is a rhythmical movement and is part of the Waldorf  curriculum. We express music and speech through movement and gesture.  It is the expression of language through story and verse that is unique  in Eurythmy, for every sound we speak there is a Eurythmy gesture. 

It was developed by Rudolf Steiner as visible speaking and visible singing utilizing the whole human body as the instrument.  

The students explore aspects of music and poetry through inner pictures. 

Through movement, students experience geometry, spatial directions, and coordination as they work together in a group. 

The students gain in strength, stamina, dexterity, and agility as they bring movement into expression.  

As the students advance through the grades, the material becomes increasingly more challenging  and complex. 

Each grade is met with age appropriate material, i.e.  music, verse, and story which increases the students’ intellectual, artistic, and social development.