The study of science in the first two grades focuses on nature, life and  environmental sciences through story, song, walks, other movement, class games and activities. 

The goals are to help the child feel connected to the natural world.

In grade 3, children learn the practical study of issues in daily living with a focus on food, farming and gardening. Our  school garden provides a lot of great hands-on opportunities for learning.  

 In grade four, zoology is explored via writing, illustrations,  sculpting animals and their habitats, and exploring their contrast to human beings. 

Botany is explored in grade five through the observation, writing, and illustrating  changes in form and structure of plants. The life cycle of the plant is  studied, as well as the parts of a plant and plant kingdoms. 

Science in grade six expands to geology, mineralogy, physics, and astronomy.  

Observation study and measurement of results is used to study inorganic chemistry, physics, and physiology in grade seven. 

To inspire an interest in the world and how it works, grade eight students study meteorology, physics, organic chemistry and human anatomy.