Beginning geometry also starts in 1st grade with study of the straight line and curve as children begin learning form drawing. 

Children are taught math using a multi-sensory approach through the use of stories, movement, manipulatives, music, recitation, and art.   

In second grade, skill building of the four processes continues. 

In third grade, the study of money and time is introduced as well as measurement. 

In grade 4, fractions are studied in all four processes using story problems, manipulatives and illustration.  All previous arithmetic work is deepened and strengthened. 

Grade 5 brings the consolidation of previous skills, including work with fractions, decimals and geometry. 

This work continues in grade 6 along with the introduction of business math, geometry using classical tools and simple algebraic manipulation. 

The study of geometry and algebra deepens in grade 7 and 8 with the study of  bases, exponents, roots and linear equations as well as much practice with problem solving.